The Best Facebook Apps for Building Custom Pages & Tabs

Do you want to know an simple way to create engaging and attactive landing pages on Facebook?

In this post I’ll be sharing six of the best facebook iframe tab apps that you can add very easily to your fan pages.

What Are Custom Fan Pages

Custom welcome/fan pages on Facebook are used to encourage new visitors to Like the page. To get your visitors to like your page an incentive such as a free gift, coupon, information etc.. is offered.

For example: our fan page “Like This Fan Page” gives a free iframe fan page template.

How To Create/Use iFrame Tabs

You have two choices, on how to use iFrames on Facebook fan pages. You can build your own iframe tab app from scratch or you can use one of the third-party iframe applications mentioned in this post below.

You can learn more about building your own iframe application: Tutorial: how to create your own iframe application

Six of the best Facebook iFrame Apps

new applications are being added all the time, so watch for newer, easy-to-use iFrame apps.

1. Static HTML: iframe tabs

Static HTML: iFrames Tab – is a free application and it doesn’t host your images. This app accepts some HTML and CSS tags and also allows the old FBML tags if you used those in the earlier Static FBML app that was used before iFrames.

You can learn how to build a page using Static HTML iFrame Tabs: Read Tutorial: Create A Facebook Page with Static HTML / iFrame Tabs

2. Wildfire

WildFire – iFrame app is currently free and is easy-to-use, affordable and highly effective marketing tool to engage regular internet users or but hard-to-reach social network demographic, by running interactive campaigns like sweepstakes, contests and give-aways is one of the most effective ways to get their attention.

3. Involver

Involver – offers a huge range of applications for continuous two-way communication that can multiply your fan base and ensure that your brand makes the most of the incredible opportunities on the social web.

Their iFrame app is called Static HTML, Involver’s free plan, allows you to use two applications. If you want to use more, you would have to switch to their monthly priced plan.

4. TabSite

TabSite – Allows you to add and create multiple tabs within one tab. The free version includes one content tab, two custom named sub-pages. If you want more tabs, there’s a monthly fee.

Manage the pages with an easy to use content manager. Includes email form integration with Constant Contact, MailChimp and Delivra.

5. PageModo

Pagemodo – lets you to build your Facebook page’s welcome tab by uploading your own content. You can customize colors add images in the free version. If you want more tabs, there’s a monthly fee.

6. ShortStack

ShortStack – makes it easy to make custom tabs for your Facebook pages. You can use Shortstack customizable widget editor or choose between premade templates.

ShortStack offers 4 different plans based on your Fan count and offers a free plan if your Page has less than 100 Fans.

Other Facebook iFrame Apps To Try:

If you want your Welcome tab, to be the “face” of your business Fan Page, head back over to your page settings and Click on the “Manage Permissions” select “default landing tab” select your tab and then click on save.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these applications, Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Nice resource list.

    I’ve been looking into Pagemodo, seems like the most customizable of the free options. Now I’ve seen the other options though…

    Thanks, it’s good to have a few choices

  2. Great list and a wealth of knowledge for Facebook Fan Pages, excellent share.

  3. Great list, thank you!
    I’m testing “Static HTML: iframe tabs” right now which works great except that I can’t get the people who already “like” the page to land on the “welcome” tab.
    Forgot to ask: if anyone knows a solution please contact me via my website. Thanks! (And sorry for the double post.)

  4. You forgot to mention about Woobox. Its a poppular application for building custom pages.

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